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Hi, I'm
Özlem Akçin

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Hello, I'm Özlem Akçin. You know me more in social media as Özlem Keşifte. To the short summary of my life

I was born in Istanbul in 1985. I live in Istanbul with my nuclear family. I graduated from Marmara University Foreign Trade Department. I worked in the financial affairs department of various companies until 2016. At that time, I never thought that I was going through my last long white-collar days and my life would evolve to a different point from now on. I love traveling, exploring, cycling and meeting new people. Since 2016, I have been producing content by sharing the places I have visited with those who follow me on my social media accounts.

WEB SİTE (ozlemkesifte.com)

I serve with an average of 30,000 users per month on my Ozlemkesifte.com blog. You can find my articles on travel guides, tiny houses, camping, travel and accommodation places on the site.

ınstagram (ozlemkesifte)

I create niche content that gives new discoveries, accommodation suggestions, interesting reels, tiny house suggestions on my Instagram account, which has a number of followers up to 90,000. I have more than 15 thousand story views.

Youtube (özlem keşifte)

I collaborate and prepare videos on tiny houses and houses in nature on my youtube channel, which has nearly 50,000 followers. I have at least 7 million video views per month.


I now have more than 90 thousand followers in my tiktok account, which I started with the sole purpose of testing. I share interesting content with my collaborations. I have more than 2 million views per month.

pınterest (ÖZLEM KEŞİFTE)

I am sharing remarkable photos on my pinterest account, which currently has 3 thousand followers, and create an archive for myself.

twitter (özlem keşifte)

I am not actively using my pinterest account, which I use to keep up with the news. I use my account, which has 120 followers, to follow the agenda.


  • Mar 2018 - International Relations and Political Science

    Uskudar University

    I believe that reading broadens horizons and I also wanted to continue my school career. By re-entering the university exams, I won Üsküdar University with full scholarship, but I could not continue and frozen it because the department was too heavy.
  • Mar 2016- Social Media Consulting


    I decided to go to school in order to gain more technical information when I was gradually gaining a place on social media. I continue as an Influencer as my main profession.
  • February 2013 - Foreign Trade

    Marmara University

    I unwittingly studied foreign trade at Marmara University and finished it in a short time. After I graduated, I worked as an accountant in a few companies.